Grape Profile: Dolcetto

Dolcetto is a wonderful grape whose name means "little sweet one" in Italian. Don't let the name fool you, it is a fruit forward yet dry wine with rounded tannins and an earthy finish. It is considered the "little sweet one" because the families of the winemakers in the Langhe region in Northern Italy found Dolcetto to be the perfect wine for everyday drinking. 

Furthermore, Dolcetto goes with all foods because of it's rounded finish, soft tannins, and lower acidity. This grape is also much cheaper than Nebbiolo which is the grape varietal that creates Barolo. Barolo is too expensive and complex to enjoy daily (thought the Northern Italian winemakers) so they decided that "the little sweet one" would be a great addition to any good wine cellar. Due to the popularity and low expensive of Dolcetto, winemakers today are beginning to apply modern winemaking techniques. This is allowing for better wines and more diversity in the market. 

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