Grape Profile: Chardonnay

Chardonnay is one of the most popular grapes in the wine industry today. Over 34 different clones exist and it is the fifth most planted varietals in the world. It even has its own International Day on May 21. Chardonnay is a cross between Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc, and Goulais Blanc, a varietal that is very obsure now and was originally from Croatia.. 

It is said that the Romans brought the Goulais Blanc from Croatia to France where it probably accidentally pollinated with Pinot Noir and  Pinot Blanc. This likely occured in a small town in southern Burgundy called Maconnis. Chardonnay was then loved by Cistern monks who built a wall around their vineyard Clos de Vougeot to keep their fields of Chardonnay safe. It has since moved to every grape growing country. 



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Grape Profile: Dolcetto

Dolcetto is a wonderful grape whose name means "little sweet one" in Italian. Don't let the name fool you, it is a fruit forward yet dry wine with rounded tannins and an earthy finish. It is considered the "little sweet one" because the families of the winemakers in the Langhe region in Northern Italy found Dolcetto to be the perfect wine for everyday drinking. 

Furthermore, Dolcetto goes with all foods because of it's rounded finish, soft tannins, and lower acidity. This grape is also much cheaper than Nebbiolo which is the grape varietal that creates Barolo. Barolo is too expensive and complex to enjoy daily (thought the Northern Italian winemakers) so they decided that "the little sweet one" would be a great addition to any good wine cellar. Due to the popularity and low expensive of Dolcetto, winemakers today are beginning to apply modern winemaking techniques. This is allowing for better wines and more diversity in the market. 

Come enjoy our blend of Dolcetto and Tempranillo on Main Street!


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Screw Caps v. Cork

Screw caps were created in 1950s and until the 2000s they were used for "value wines" in New Zealand. In the 1970s Australian Consolidated Industries bought the original cap company and renamed it Stelvin. Stelvin is what we use today at Old Town Cellars. Stelvin started an initiative in 2001 to promote screw caps, and by 2007 70% of Australia's wines were sealed with screw caps. 

There are many pros to using screw caps and few cons, which, is why at Old Town Cellars we use screw caps. They are cost effective, have reliable quality, are unlimited, and do not give the wine "cork taint" or TCA. They are also tested to age wine as well as corks; however, slightly slower (about two years slower since they allow less oxygen into the bottle which is needed for aging). 

The only real miss with screw caps is the loss of the romantic appeal when you "pop a cork". 


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Rosé All Day

The OTC staff is stoked for the summer! 

The shop is buzzing with talks of mountain biking, hiking, camping, and the sunny weather that is gracing Utah right now! Everyone is enjoying their days in the mountains and relaxing on their Old Town porches enjoying the sunset and a BBQ! 

We know, being seasoned summer adventurerers, that the best thing after a long bike ride or a satisfying hike is a perfectly chilled rosé! So during the rain storms of spring last week we were busy blending and bottling the perfect Townie Rosé! It has been tested and proven to satsify after a long hot day adventuring in the Utah wilderness. 

So get sassy, get adventurous, and get PINK!

OTC wines to be featured in Park City Silly Market

Park Silly Market, located on Main Street in Park City, UT, is featuring OTC wines! Park Silly is an eco-friendly, open air street festival that occurs every Sunday starting June 5th. Aside from a fantastic farmers market and a wonderful line-up of local artists and shops, they also have alcohol gardens featuring local beer and now OTC wines. The best part is that the winery is located on Main Street right above the wine garden, so when you love the wines you can come up and visit where we blend and bottle! Can't wait to hang out in the summer sun and drink some great wines!